El Gouna

El Gouna is rightly called the Egyption Venice, a symbol of beauty and romance. When you'll visit this wonderful town near Hurghada, will be not enough words to describe all this splendor and harmony.

The city was built on a single project, separate it into certain areas, and buildings were built in a single style. The unique canals and lagoons make this city really unique, forming an intricate and beautiful pattern. When planning the canals and lagoons, and the emphasis was on the fact that the water was moving and does not stagnate in order to protect residents and visitors from the odor.

El Gouna - an oasis of European culture in the heart of the Egyptian desert.

A white boat will bring you to the friendly and beautiful town. You'll ride on special boats at azure channels, will make a wish under a special bridge, appreciate the beauty of El Gouna from side of water.

In the El Gouna aqurium, you can get acquainted with the inhabitants of the underwater world of the Red Sea, and then quench your thirst in a nice cafe on the shore of the azure lagoon.

In addition to exploring this truly paradise at the junction of the desert and the sea, you will be able to explore the depths of the sea and its inhabitants during two stops for snorkeling.

On the ship, you will enjoy a wonderful lunch. Soft drinks are available throughout the trip.

Take with you to the excursion: swimsuit, towel, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen.
Weekday of the excursion: Sunday, Wednesday
Time of the excursion: 09.00-16.00
Price adult: 50$
Price child: 25$