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A few tips that will be useful in the journey to Egypt

tourists in Egypt
Egypt is a very friendly country and Egyptians quite loyal to the tourists. But in this country it is better to follow some guidelines.
If you want to take pictures of the Egyptians, you need to ask permission. Don't take pictures the women in black capes. It is strictly forbidden to photograph military installations, military and police.
During Ramadan for Muslims are not allowed eat and drink from sunrise to sunset. If possible, try to refrain from the consumption of food or beverages in public places.
When visiting the mosque is obligatory closed clothes for both women and men. Women must cover head. During the prayer is better to abandon the examination of the mosque. Before entering the mosque sure to remove your shoes.
While walking around the city is better to choose not too open or transparent clothes, jeans with a T-shirt will be the good option.
in Egypt is not accepted in public hugging or kissing even for married couples.
Drinking alcohol on the streets can lead to trouble, so, better to abandon the idea.
Is strictly forbidden to climb the pyramids, pick up the pieces of historical monuments, damage, break off or cut off the coral. It is fraught with a minimum of considerable fine.
Forbidden to swim and sunbathe topless.

Most popular Egyptian souvenirs

Egyptian papyrus

Nowadays papyrus is produced according to old recipes of the ancient Egyptians.
Papyrus with painted by the canons of the ancient Egypt is one of the most popular souvenirs from Egypt.
If the picture painted by the artist, it is certainly has his autograph.
Quality papyrus should not wrinkle or break when bent, and should be odorless. Or it is a fake from rice or palm leaves.
Souvenir papyrus can not only remind you of the trip, but also to decorate the interior.

Egyptian statues

Egyptian souvenir shops will amaze you with the variety of statues depicting ancient Egyptian gods and pharaohs.
Gods of ancient Egypt are often depicted in the form of animals. The goddess Bastet - a cat, god Horus - a falcon, god Anubis - a jackal, the goddess Hathor - a cow, the god Thoth - an ibis. Equally popular busts of the pharaohs and the pharaohs in the sarcophagus.
Figurines made from alabaster, basalt, granite, onyx and other gemstones. Figurines made of alabaster best buy on the alabaster factory in Luxor.

Hookah is a one of the most popular souvenir of Egypt. You can use it not only for its intended purpose, but also as a decorative element of the interior.
Hookah in Egypt called shisha. It was in Egypt began to produce flavored tobacco for hookah-moazel factory method in the late 20s of the last century.
Today in Egypt thousands hookahs are smoked 24 hours a day. Egyptians prefer a mixture of Iranian black tobacco with a thick sugar syrup. They say, that tobacco gives a taste, and syrup - peace of mind.
Egypt sell hookahs more than any other country in the world.

Egyptian amulets
Cartouche is probably the most original and authentic gift from Egypt. He is credited with protection from harm, damage and evil enemies. You can select as the basis cartouche and ask to write your name by ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in many shops. Cartouche can be from gold, silver or both metals. The cartouche can have form of pendant or bracelet.
Scarab, symbol of the sun god Amon-Ra, considered a symbol of the country and to bring good luck, happiness and harmony. Scarabs can be from different materials, but the most beautiful are made of gold, silver, turquoise and onyx.
Eye of Horus is a one of the most recognizable Egyptian amulets. He saves from the evil eye its possessor and bring good luck. This is one of the most popular amulets of Egyptian women, almost each has a suspension eye of Horus.

Egyptian spices and teas are not only pleasant, but also useful souvenir. Many of spices and teas not only have a pleasant taste and aroma, but also help to improve your health. Spices in Egypt, fresh and fragrant, so, spices must be used in small quantities.
Hibiscus Tea is one of the most delicious and amazing teas. This tea has a bright red color and a sour taste. Hibiscus Tea make from the flowers of hibiscus or rose of Sudan.
Hibiscus extremely useful, because it helps to purify the blood and gives strength. Hibiscus tea called pharaohs tea. The larger Hibiscus petals has high-quality, and amazing fragrant.

essential oils
In Egypt, the essential oils can be bought almost anywhere, even in the small street shops. But most of the oils are diluted by paraffin, so is better to buy essential oils in specialized stores, or in Cairo and Luxor.
Factory oils not only sell pure essential oils, but also make the original flavors that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Egyptian jewelry
Jewelry of gold and silver are popular among tourists. Quality Egyptian gold much higher than Turkish and Russian. In Egypt, gold is measured in carats, 18 carats (750) gold is the most popular for making jewelry. For more expensive products use 22-carat gold (916).
in Egypt can be found as replicas of fashion jewelry and authentic products, which can be performed in the style of ancient Egyptian and Bedouin jewelry. For making jewelry is often used precious and semi-precious stones.
The jewelry is better to buy only in major stores.
Traditionally, the jewelry with the profile of Nefertiti, Ankh key of life, lotus, scarab beetle, and the eye of Horus are popular among tourists.

Egyptian cotton
It is believed that the birthplace of cotton - Egypt. There is evidence that the Egyptians have for 2500 years BC were able to make fabrics of the highest quality. Mummies of Egyptian pharaohs were wrapped in tissue density of more than 500 threads per inch. For example, best English tissue this type today have a density of 350 threads per inch.

Technology did their job, and at the moment Egyptian cotton is considered the most high quality. Only in Egypt grow long staple cotton (35-45 mm). This cotton is natural, long staple, mercerized with a very beautiful finish. Cotton in Egypt, one of the best in the world. In the US, 40% cotton imports carried out from Egypt. In the material is not any chemical additives or impurities. Egyptian cotton is completely clean and belongs to the upper class quality.

In the shops you can find high-quality items made of cotton at a very affordable price. Here you can buy towels, napkins, bed linen, shirts, tunics, robes and other clothing made of cotton.

Cotton linens often decorated with embroidery, applique. Rare tourist can resist the temptation to buy a set of the bed linen. Especially because the price is quite reasonable. Linens and towels are made of cotton stay beautiful and strong are very long, 5-8 years. In addition to linen, terry robes and sheets, fluffy towels and shirts, in the shops you can buy wonderful cotton bedspreads.